Saturday, 23 May 2020

Teeny Tiny Lockdown Oldhammer Part 3 - The Early Exchanges

And so to the action. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

The Orc army having won the scouting got to deploy most of their army after seeing the dwarf dispositions. To rub it in further the Orcs win the roll for first turn and elect to take the first turn.

(oops, noticed I hadn’t included the Rock Loba in the deployment map on the last blog – I’ve added it below).

Orc Turn 1

So early in the battle, no troops are within initiative range and so we move on to the command phase.

Out on the left flank Boriz Da Yooslezz lived up to his name failing his command roll for the Orc Boyz and his turn was over.

Grom Da Fatbastard also failed to order up the ogres, however out on the right Graterak succeeded on her command rolls and the Boar Riders and the Wolfboyz moved forward.

Gratnakkers successfully moved up the majority of the centre, but due to the stupidity of the trolls failed to move them and they remained anchored to the table edge, gazing at mushrooms and local fauna.

The characters then moved into the positions shown (no I’m not doing arrers for the characters!)

There was no shooting nor combat to be resolved.

The Orc Centre Advances

Dwarf Turn 1

Frode Aleswiller successfully moved up his brigade into the farm to anchor the dwarf right.

Ozrim the Runesmith ordered forward the gyrocopters to force Graterak back to the Boar Rider unit. In Warmaster if your character is “overrun” by a non-character unit it must retreat to join a friendly unit within 20cm (10cm in this game) or your character is eliminated. This prevents players from having their characters running freely around the battlefield detached an unsafe distance from their forces.

Ozrim failed a second order for the gyros and the squadron was left with its proverbials in the wind in front of the orc cavalry.

King Gorin ordered up the centre including a double order for the cannon battery. Orders for the Hammerers fails and the command phase ends.

The gyro squadron however is now in range and blasts the Boar Riders and Graterak with their steam cannons driving them back out of initiative range. A roll that probably saves the squadron!

The Gyrocopter Squadron drives the Boar Riders with their steam cannons! 

Orc Turn 2

The Orc turn 2 was fairly disastrous from a command and control point of view. After measuring in the initiative phase the Boars confirmed they were just of out initiative charge range and couldn’t attack the gyrocopter squadron. From atop her Wyvern Brastrap, Graterak tried to order the Boarboyz into combat with the Gyros in the command phase but failed meaning the cavalry on the Orc right ground to a halt presumably while the tribes argued amongst themselves.

Grom managed to order up the ogres down through the village but both Boriz and Gratnakkers failed their orders and the Orc army otherwise ground to a disorganised halt.

During the shooting phase Graterak tries to cast “Foot of Gork” on the Gyros and fails!

The Gruntaz find themselves just out of initiative distance before failing their command roll

Dwarf turn 2

Ozrim orders the gyrocopter squadron into a position to attack the Wolfboyz. The tactics being that with their lower saving throw the Wolfboyz are more likely to suffer casualties at their hands.

Ozrim’s next order roll fails and the Rangers and supporting Warriors fail to move up.

On the right Frode’s division occupies the farm.

Gorin moves the dwarf centre up onto “Big Round Top” establishing the dwarf centre. The elite Hammerers are still misunderstanding their orders and have not moved into position.

In the shooting phase the Gyrocopter squadron kills one stand of the Wolfboyz and drives them back.

Having moved into position on the ridge the cannon battery engages in counter battery fire with the Rock Lobba. And the Orc artillery is destroyed!

Frode's Handgunners and Warriors occupy the farm
The dwarfs occupy "Big Round Top"

Three unsaved wounds and the Wolfboyz lose a stand of casualties!

More soon!


  1. A rousing tale of inept commanders and hard of hearing sub alterns! Great stuff and I love the map you've created!

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