Tuesday, 28 December 2021


Nobody had a great lockdown(s) I'm guessing.

I'm kind of surprised I'm still alive to be honest.

But I was looking for a game I could play with my brother, I felt that he probably had a worse few lockdowns than me despite the fact that he wasn't as totally alone as I was.

He's always liked his Westerns, so I figured he'd like a game based on Hollywood gunfights.

I picked up the starter set of Dead Man's hand which contained x2 seven man gangs, a building, the rules, the card deck and all the tokens needed to play. And at a silly reasonable price.

I love the rules and I have painted up x5 dudes from each of the Outlaw (Black) and Lawmen (Red) gangs.

Outlaws - Played with the Spades Suit

Lawmen - Played with the Hearts Suit

There is absolutely no reason to line the bases with black and red in the way that I've done. I just thought that with everyone looking like a drab western character, that colour-coded bases would help with identifying gang allegiance. YMMV.

The colours are based on card suits, the game mechanics are based around a normal card deck (with special rules on each) - whereby on activation only the number / value on your card is important - and the cards in your "Dead Man's Hand" (usually five) which can be laid to interrupt your opponent with the special rules. These can cause his activated character to stumble, have his gun  jam or allow you to have a free snapshot etc. You get the idea.

The real expense is the buildings. Cheaper ones are available but I've bought and assembled a bunch of the 4Ground ones. 

And when I say "I" what I really mean is that my dad made all the ones of note.

I've had a few practice games at home but I know I'm going to love this game.

More gangs on the way,

Stay tuned my reader in Slough. 

Gunned Down From Behind by a Cur!

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