Tuesday, 8 August 2023

Confessions of the secret BOYLer. The Continuing tales of a BOYL Ninja

For tis that time of year when the world is inundated with BOYL blog posts full of lovely photos. Here's mine. 

BOYL X. Fairwell and adieu to you fair Carriage Court.

Day 1 - 4th August 2023. Friday.

It was good.

Day 2 - 5th August 2023. Saturday.

It was crowded. It rained like a motherfucker. The marquee was sweaty. I got muddy bare feet and hyperthermia. In August. 

Only in England.

Day 3 - 6th August 2023. Sunday.

It was good. I met some cool Spanish people and frothed around the mouth at linocuts. I hugged an Italian friend lots and made him feel uncomfortable.

I said goodbye to the best friends any man could ask for, and cried like a massive idiot.

Until the next time, I'll try to stay alive.

Love always,


The BOYL Ninja / Secret BOYLer moves amongst you at BOYL while hiding from plain sight.

He avoids all photos and appearing in the Blogs of hundreds of  people with his skills in espionage and secrecy.

"Is that the secret BOYLer in my photo?" You may ask. 

Of course it isn't. He (for tis a he) wouldn't be a BOYL ninja if he was caught in a photo or appeared in a single Blog.

You have (approximately) 518,400 minutes to plan your next BOYL. Be excellent to each other.

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